One Poor Little Boy with a Drum

I recently had the pleasure of listening to/watching The Pentatonix video for The Little Drummer Boy.  Since then, I’ve been addicted to it and my family loves it as well.  In fact, we’ve watched it so many times, I’m beginning to feel responsible for it having gone viral. HA!

But today as I listened to it over and over…and over again on the way to work, I was inspired to tell you what occurred to me about this song.  

So, first some background: 

The Little Drummer Boy, according to Wikipedia was originally called the Carol of the Drum.  Written by a music teacher and composer named Katherine Kennicott Davis, it was recorded first by the Trapp Family Singers in 1955 (yes, the ones with the lonely goat herd and all the Edelweiss).  And it gained popularity into mainstream society from there. Even having movies made about his story. 


Now, like other hymns that have stood the test of time, I believe that the writer was inspired from above to write this song in the same way that God inspired those who wrote the books of the Bible.  Maybe that’s a far stretch for you, but if He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, why can’t anyone else be inspired?

Back to this here poor boy with a drum.  I’ve heard this song for years and rarely have I given consideration to the words.  But after today, I’d like to share what I imagine to be the story of a little boy that could’ve been there at the scene: 

“I’m only 7, so I was a little frightened when three wise men came my way.  I was sitting by the road, outside of my home, playing with the little drum that my father made for me.  My big brother got a slingshot, but I got the drum, and I can’t shoot nothin’, but I do love my drum.  I take it wherever I go. 

I guess the wise men knew they scared me because they stopped and told me, “Come, there’s a newborn King in the stable not far away.  We’re bringing our best gifts to honor Him.”

I shouldn’t have gone with them, but I just couldn’t help it.  I had NEVER seen a real KING before.  And I couldn’t begin to imagine one in a stable.  So I followed them. 

When I went in, it was really calm.  Peaceful.  And I went right up to that manger and I looked over the top of it and I stared down at that baby they called Jesus.  The King.  He was so tiny, and as I looked around, I thought He sure didn’t look like a King.  But He SURE FELT like one.  

“Oh Little Baby…” I whispered in wonderment. Suddenly I was so sad.  For a lot of reasons I didn’t get.  I was kind of ashamed. I had nothing for Him.  I put my head down and turned to go home. But I also knew I didn’t want to leave Him.

Then, I had an idea!

“Shall I play my drum for you?”  The baby didn’t answer, but His Momma nodded. 

And so I played.  

I played MY VERY BEST for Him.

And when I was done? 

When I was done… He. Smiled. At. Me.”

Now, friends, this is not to suggest that there really was a little boy with a drum at Jesus’ birth.  If so, Matthew and Luke left it on the proverbial cutting room floor.  But what I am suggesting is that WE should be willing to approach the crib of the Baby Jesus with all the awe and wonderment of a POOR LITTLE BOY with NOTHING but a HOMEMADE DRUM and a DESIRE to PLAY OUR BEST FOR HIM. 

SO THAT when we are done, HE SMILES ON US. 

I hope you can enjoy The Little Drummer Boy video as much as I have.  


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