The Allowance Experiment

Hey friends, I wanted to share with you our recent experience with giving our kids an allowance.
At dinner a few nights ago, our 3 curtain climbers approached (again) the subject of getting an allowance. Now, in our house–our offspring have everything and then some. And we often complain that they don’t value money. Why do we feel this? Statements such as “it’s not a big deal that I left my sweatshirt at the field trip, it’s just $40.” Or “why can’t I have this bat $150 isn’t that much?” Or my personal favorite as they hold their iPads and iPods and iDon’t Even know what else’s, “you never buy me anything!”
So, the request was that they each feel that in return for their weekly chores, their homework, and for being overall very good and loving kids we should pay them $5 a week. There are many great reasons why allowance should be given.

Our reply was simply “that’s great, but in reality, we spend SO much money on you regularly that you don’t even pay attention to, that we feel it’s fair for us simply to have these expectations of them.”

(And this is where it gets really good my friends) Their reply? “How about, y’all stop giving us money for things then, and we just use our allowance?”

It was as if the heavens themselves opened up and rays of sunshine fell upon our dinner table. The hubster and I, who–incidentally–has requested I refer to him as ‘Copenhagen Fella’, could not get our words out fast enough. In fact, we might have fought to climb over the table to look them eye-to-eye and say “Done!” And “no take backs!” and “Please sign here at the dotted line.”

Then we pointed and yelled “What’s that?!” as we high-fived when their heads turned away.
To further seal the deal, I even followed up with “we’d be willing to pay $7 a week for that deal.”

The kids, bless their little non-money-valuing hearts, said “Done! And No take backs!”
Court was not impressed with that. As he calculated $7 per week, x 3 mini-me’s x 4 weeks in a month, I hear something like, “Lady, you know not what you’ve done!”

“Go with it.” I said.

So thus became week one of a new agreement NEVER (as if) again to give them $ other than their allowance.

We all went to bed feeling rich that night. And calm fell upon us as we drifted off to thoughts of what we would be able to buy with all this (as if) wealth.

Think about this my dear friends. And stay tuned for the results from week one.

Do your kids get allowance? Share your thoughts here!


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