First Day of School

It’s here…the day has arrived….

I woke up super early so I could make the first day of school request.  Biscuits, gravy, sausage, juice and eggs (the eggs were a Tanner only request).  Delaneigh tumbled out of bed first—excited.  Tanner and Connor wanted one more minute.  Tanner got up before the minute was
over.  *Note:  I love my kids.  But I am NOT one to wake up early to cook a huge breakfast, so I need some recognition here.

My kids ate very little. Tanner didn’t touch the eggs he had to have.  He said he changed his mind in the middle of the night.  Cute.  Except, I’m notsomuch into making eggs at the crack of dawn that go uneaten (see note above.  I did not get my recognition).  However, we did read Proverbs Chapter 22 this morning (the 22nd of August), and that’s a great way to start the day.

All the clothes were out and ironed.   Tanner asked Connor to wear the same shirt as him—surprisingly Connor said yes.  As a mom, this brought me immense joy.  He may never be cool again.

We walked them all in…said goodbye to Connor in the hallway.  He was going right.  We were going left.  No big deal.

Said goodbye to Delaneigh in her hallway.  She was done with us anyway once she saw her friend.  No big deal.

Turned to walk Tanner…and I thought of Connor wearing the same shirt for moral support for Tanner.  Thought of how we’d put this day off for a year and the day had come anyway.  How when he was born, there was a knot in his umbilical cord and had it been any tighter, he would’ve died.  Then Tanner said he could walk himself.  That was it.  I choked back tears.  I considered taking him and running…much like a kidnapper would.

Went to the doorway of his classroom and didn’t want to go in.  Was afraid I’d cry crossing the threshold like I did the night we met the teacher.  Made it in, and couldn’t say goodbye.  Couldn’t hug him because I was fixing to lose it.

Then left and looked and Courtney and started to cry.  That was it.  My baby was in Kindergarten.

Texted a good friend, Tiffany, to have her give me a report since they hadn’t dropped their daughter Alyssa off yet and because she is in the same class.  She told me she’d have Jonathan, her husband, give Tanner a hug.

Got a text from Jonathan that said:

“I told Tanner to come here.  I gave him a hug and said this is from your mom.  He said ‘uuugh!’  Then he smiled and walked back to his table.

Viva La Schoolyear!


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