Vacation Day 2: Wake UP People!

Day 2: Well, just thought you should know it’s day 2 of vacation for me. It’s 7:15. The plan is to leave at 8:30. We’ve packed nothing. Zip. Zero. I mean nothing.

Why, you ask?


No one is awake. I still have a lingering couple of loads of laundry which may or may not get folded. We have to feed the horse before we leave, my daughter will likely have a meltdown about what she will wear, and I am so stressed out by the thought of all of this, I think I’ll let them sleep a little more while I enjoy (a tad gleefully) just one cup of coffee.

Oh yeah, and here’s the kicker: once we do decide to get in the car–we’re not sure where we are going.

I want A/C and no crowds–cabin on the lake, suite on the beach, bathroom at the mall, padded white room–I’m not that picky.

The kids want giant whales splashing freezing saltwater that causes chafing later in the day–don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. They want to feed stinky fish to otherwise unfriendly dolphins, buy Dippin’ Dots for $6.50 a cup, look at ferocious–but yet sedated–crocodiles.

I bet the kids will win. It’s not that bad. Really, I’ll enjoy it once I have some coffee. I will love the family time and making memories with my kids, and it really is all about them.

Viva La Sea World!



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