Vacation Day 1: The Dirty Truth

Today, I’m starting official vacation. Here’s how it went down:

I said to my boss–okay, really I emailed him–his office is two doors down, and normally I yell at him, but I felt as though this deserved an email. Anyway, I emailed my boss, “Boss, I know you’ve scheduled a couple of meetings for the end of this week, how important are they, because I was hoping to take some vacation.” He replied with, “Have fun.”

That went well. It then led to a live conversation about how I’d like to only work 4 days a week and keep ‘bankers’ hours’, but that’s another blog.

So today = day 1 of my vacation.

This is the gist of it: My kids spent the night at their Aunt Sonja’s house (hooray for Aunt Sonja!), and the thought of being alone in the house for a few minutes this morning was hard to contain. I tried not to be over-anxious when I sent my husband, Courtney, off to work at 6:00. I might’ve inadvertently kicked him awake this morning. I prefer the word ‘nudged’. I nudged him. There.

Let’s just say, I couldn’t wait for him to spring to a vertical position at the crack of dawn and work for 10 hours on a hot roof in 105* weather. Poor guy. I do feel sorry for him. I wouldn’t do what he does. I thought of this for approximately 3.2 minutes after he left, but then I went back to sleep until I woke up (7:40). And it was silent! I laid there for 20 minutes listening to silence with a silly smile of pure glee on my face.

Then I started laundry, took a shower, logged in to do some work, continued laundry, ran to the store, got my kids, and then came home for more laundry and to log in again to get some more work done. Yes. Work. What is wrong with me? I’ve stopped. I think I’ve got it under control. I don’t know what came over me. It’s so unlike me (see above reference to 4 days a week and bankers hours).

If only I could have the laundry under control. If I posted pictures of my laundry room, you would all feel better about yourselves.

The rest of today will be spent cleaning house, packing, and doing something about the laundry.

Instead of boring piles of laundry, I thought I’d share some pics I took a few months ago of our horse, Cookie. Cookie’s foot is hurt right now and we may never get to ride her again. But we love her. And we love the country.

I know. It’s JUST a saddlehorn.

I know. It’s JUST barbed wire.

I know. It’s JUST Courtney’s boot in a stirrup.

This is beloved Cookie. She is feeling sympathy for me and my laundry. Maybe she needs a vacation.


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