I Can Juggle

I can juggle. I really can. My dad taught me how to juggle when I was a kid. He was pretty good–could even do a couple of tricks where you could throw in an extra ball and he’d throw one out and never skip a beat.

It’s only a useful talent when I’m at a party and if I’m holding three of something.

And it can’t be made of eggs or glass.

Or blades.

And it can’t be on fire.

I’ve been thinking it’s possibly why I have three kids: for juggling purposes. Any more and I might drop one. Any less, and then it’s not juggling–right? Wrong.

I’ve been asked many times, “How do you do so much? How do you juggle everything you do? How do y’all have three kids playing baseball (insert any activity here), who make good grades, and are good kids, AND work, AND own a company, AND go to church, AND function normally?” I consider that a compliment.

Here’s what you do not know: I am nuts. I don’t get enough sleep, my house is hardly as clean as I’d like it (I’ll admit it and say it’s pretty terrible right now), I’m often overwhelmed. I pray a lot for strength and energy and that God will help me to hold it together for at least the next 5 minutes.

But our clothes are clean and no one has a unibrow. Small victories are important.

I’ll venture out again and say that anyone else (and there are A LOT of us) who appears to be ‘juggling everything’ probably goes through the same need for prioritization, organization, energy, and time. And in the midst of that, life can be a gamut of being highly organized and proactive to being highly reactive, impromptu, and (dare I say?) unorganized and exhausted. Sometimes I see others juggle and I feel intimidated–and then I remind myself that no one can juggle without dropping a ball somewhere. Not possible.

Don’t ever want to drop this ball:

We do too much. We want to do a lot and we don’t want to miss a thing. And we want that for our kids. We want them to experience as much as possible–gleaning life lessons and talent and joy from all the things they are exposed to (teamwork, healthy competitiveness, open-mindedness, socializing). I want them to have a zest for a broad range of life experiences. I want them to juggle too.


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