You should know this early on in the game.  I am perfect.  At least I try to be.  It’s not working out really well though.  I really do try to put my best foot forward, present myself well, have it together, and be joyful in so doing.  But all I’ve really learned is that it’s impossible and that if you can’t admit your faults and more importantly, laugh about them, you’re only going to disappoint yourself and you won’t fool anyone.  It seems to me that the moment someone tries really hard to ‘be’ perfect, something happens that will totally blow that out of the water. 

Case in point, a few years ago, when my youngest child, Tanner was about 1 1/2, I was taking him to the nursery at church so that I could focus on the service.   Let me preface this story by saying that as I got ready that morning, I felt good.  I took the time to fix my hair and makeup just so, ironed my clothes and donned a cute pair of pants, heels, and a darling denim, pearl-snap button shirt.  Being a stay-at-home mom at the time, I didn’t always look so dressy, but I felt like I looked put together.  They would be impressed.  God, Himself, would be pleased.

Back to the nursery…A dad was working in there that day, very nice guy, whose wife I love dearly.  Tanner didn’t want to go.  He cried, clinging to me as ‘the dad’ tried to coax him into the room.  Tanner reached up and grabbed one corner of my shirt.  As if in slow motion, I hear ‘pop, pop, pop, pop, pop’.  In my mind was one thought, ‘NOOOOOOOOOOO!’   Tanner had fitfully, but dutifully, un-snapped my entire shirt–waist to neck–in front of ‘the dad’ in one fell swoop.  ‘The dad’ turns away and I’m pretty sure I hear screaming and “OH, my eyes!!!!!” 

Inevitably, the moment I appear anywhere feeling like I’ve got it together, I’m shamefully (I’ve had three kids, it was shameful, trust me) exposed.  I might trip walking in, I might have a Disney sticker on my butt, pepper in my teeth, someone vomits on someone else…something that announces ‘I might need therapy!’

Sometimes, all you can do is laugh.  It might just be the best medicine.


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