Hello world!

Well, here I am…The Tinkering Belle.  That’s me.  I do a little of everything.  I’m a mom of 3 kids.  They’re really cute–when they’re clean.  And sometimes even when they’re dirty and smell like puppies.  Don’t get too close when they smell like puppies.  Or else hold your nostrils. 

I have a husband that I’ve been married to for almost 14 years.  We own a construction company in Elgin, Texas.  He does all the work and I’m the president.  I like it that way.   He’s really good at remodeling.  We have been known to flip houses.   Originally I thought that meant picking colors and tile.  I’ve come to learn, it also means putting the colors on the wall and crawling around laying tile as well.  It’s back-breaking.  I’m tough though (and when it’s really bad, I tell him he does all the work and I’m the president–he will not argue this). 

I work full-time as an account manager for a technology company.  Working full-time seriously cuts into my ability to do things like sleep-in and surf the internet.  But it helps pay the bills. 

That said, I’ve been inspired to start a blog about a few of the things I feel passionate about.  I truly love decorating and remodeling.  Turning dated and dirty into eye-catching and inviting.  I am constantly passing out tips on really creative ways to dress things up without blowing the bottom out of the bank account (at least not the entire bottom).  So I thought I’d start by introducing myself.  I’ll add photos and ideas as I go.

I also thought this would be a good way of showing off my kids.  We love being involved in their activities.  They all play sports.  Baseball currently, but we’ve been known to be part of the Back-to-Back Superbowl Winning Youth Football Team (see? here’s me…showing off).  We also do gymnastics and are considering putting the oldest in 5Ks.  Might be a good idea for the younger, energetic one as well, but that’s another story….

Anyway, more to come on these and other subjects (redneck hunting expeditions, cooking disasters, and my Asian mom).  I gotta get the hang of this ‘blogging’ thing.  Now…how do I post pictures?


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. You’ve taken the plunge. Imagine this like Facebook only on steroids. The difference is, you have more than 470 characters and you can see you stats as to who is viewing your posts.

    A few widgets I added:
    Cluster Map
    Tag Cloud
    Posts from the Past
    I added a tab for my newsletter, but you could do that for the kids (right under your title where you have “Home” and “About”)

    Welcome to the blog-o-sphere!

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